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posted Jul 11, 2012 11:47:08 by matt

Give us some news ...send us a review ...Tell us what you think of your new / old board , and what it's missing if anything !

We all like to read feedback good or bad
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JohnHarris said Aug 13, 2012 18:04:36
Starting to get comfortable on the 6'11 "FAKING", for me it's been about practice in different conditions from tiny knee high , to shoulder high waves,
The wave height isn't the problem, although the acceleration on the bigger stuff takes some getting used too ! and paddling out on a short sup is quite easy, if you can do it on an average 9 foot wave SUP then suprisingly you won't have a problem with a 6'11 ish board, the small size offers little resistance as you push through, and some "bracing" with the paddle helps to regain balance,
If the wind is blowing, if it's choppy, or there is a lot of water moving around, things start to get tricky, but it's worth the time put in practicing, to get used to tricky conditions.
some suggestions, 1, Keep Paddling, getting some water flow under the board,
2, Relax, roll with it!
3, Keep your knees bent,
4, Practice at home on an Indo board, or plank and drain pipe (cheaper)!
5, Paddle in dificult conditions, chop, wind, etc.
6, Use a Large blade paddle, seems to "brace" better
7, Use your Short SUP as often as possible, even for a cruise along the local river, it will improve your paddle technique, your balance, the glide is not good so you'll get a good work out,
If you are in the South West, Bristol, North Devon, or Bournemouth areas, you can contact me through Matt at SUPGOWER, or give me a ring on 07768095818 if you want to try a 6'11 Faking, to get an idea of using a Short SUP.
or the 8'6 CLOUD, mid size wave catcher
or the 9'9 FREAK, longboard style

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