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SHORT paddle boards - Have your say !

posted Jan 09, 2012 13:34:13 by matt
The development of Short paddle boards by many brands has seen a small revolution by those who value space saving and extreme surfing performance when wave riding ...but what are your thoughts on smaller SUB's

Are they a waste of time or needed in the development of the sport ?
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OwenBidder said Jan 18, 2012 13:02:35
I haven't tried one yet, but I think any kind of innovation is good. If people don't like the sound of it they can just stick to their bigger boards.

How are they to paddle out through the white water? I would imagine they aren't as stable as bigger boards?

SupGower said Jan 18, 2012 14:13:08
Hi Owen,

I love bigger boards and the freedom they give you to roam the lineup for peaks , plus the fact they get into waves sooner and the style you can ride them with.

A smaller SUP definitely has its advantages
Travelling is easier ..I took my 6'9 to Barbados recently and had plenty of waves, although suckier/ steeper waves can be challenging.
The main advantages of a Short sup in your quiver is performance in smaller waves.
Big boards may get into small waves sooner but then you have a lot of board to speed up on a small wave with less power after your first turn.. a short SUP's ability to generate speed is incredible, and therefore the carving and turning is also performed with less energy.
The outline shape of the board will effect its paddling to catch the wave - GONG have mutants or Eggs with a broader nose and straight rails which paddle with little row effect making them easier to paddle (6'11, 7'2, 7'4) versus a dedicated shortsup such as the 6'4 Angel, 6'8 etc which can snake if you do not use the correct technique.

Paddling through the white water is similar , with less board to get caught in the foam than a bigger board, you can shoot through but there is no real noticeably difference - you only experience this in paddling into the wave and riding it.

With SUP, a longer and shorter board will mean your quiver can cover all waves types and conditions and with GONGSUP UKyou can buy 2 boards for the price of 1 with 5% off if you purchase 2.

Fancy a go - we have a 6'9 and 7'4 on demo !! just give me a buzz
nice to see you using the forum !

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OwenBidder said Jan 23, 2012 12:21:23
I def like the idea of being able to bang it in the car and go, plus you can get to porthcawl without having brave the crosswinds with a massive sail on top of the car!

I think I would miss being able to get on waves before everyone else, but I guess in the smaller mushy stuff that short sups are good for, there won't be too many others out anyway!

Will def have to take you up on your offer soon!

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