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SHORTSUP - 8'ft & under

posted Sep 05, 2011 17:18:02 by SupGower
OK the best way I can explain the vision of the short stand up paddleboard is to envisage what you can or want to do on your shortboard or longboard and then translate that into your SUP board riding.
This is what it has opened up to me -Backhand riding on a 'shortsup' becomes fun and achievable again, cutbacks and hacks of the lip are well within most people's repertoire and again easier to implement.
Short SUP boards have one distinct advantage over larger SU boards and that is maneuverability.The swing weight or amount of board you have in front of you may help catching waves but after that you are straining to deliver the surfing style you want to achieve on the wave. A shorter SUP board may not have the glide into the wave but believe me once you're on the wave you'll forget the glide, it's about the bash, the slash and the exhilaration of speed and limitless potential with a paddle !

What are your thoughts on shortsup ???
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