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posted Aug 15, 2011 17:11:26 by matt
Its windy the surf is blownout and you don't fancy spending an hour trying to balance on your board trying to catch sloppy waves - Fancy doing a downwinder !?
Apart from being a great form of Core workout, downwinders will improve your balance as well as strength for alternative sports such as surfing, kiting and most watersports due the upper Core strength that is achieved from paddling.
Keep in mind that initially attempting downwinders will be rather tricky to say the least. Wind chop, swells, and a lot more movement underneath your feet requires additional balancing skills

Firstly make sure you tell someone where your going and the approx time you will make it back, if you can take a mobile in a waterproof bag (we sell them) that will aid informing them you've reached your destination safely.On gower the best time to do downwinders is usually as the tide is coming up - see tide date here

Here is list of what you'll ideally need to take :
Board, leash, paddle, a form or contact (mobile, emergency flare) water/ fluid) wetsuit or adequate clothing for your paddle, and a floatation vest

Here are some Routes to Try (please post up once you have done them and let us know your DOWNWINDER details !

Caswell bay - Langland bay - distance 1.5k , approx time at leisurely pace 20- 40 minutes, best wind W, WSW, SW
Rating- easy- moderate

Mumbles knab rock to Slip bridge - distance 6k approx time at leisurely paddle (1 hour) best wind SW-WSW
Rating - easy- moderate

Oxwich bay to caswell bay - distance 10k approx time at leisurely paddle pace (2 hours) best wind SW-WSW-SSW
Rating- moderate - hard

Disclaimer: SUPGower provide the information set out [above/on] because it wants to be a good citizen and to help promote the sport of stand up paddling. However because the potential liability that provision of this information might otherwise result in, SUPGower provides the information on a strictly no reliance basis, no duty of care is assumed, and SUPGower excludes its liability for the information to the maximum extent permitted by law. Please remember to observe your own risk assessments for your intended paddle.
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